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Jimbaran Destination

Jimbaran and The Bukit Peninsula were once very quiet areas with a small population and were considered to be underdeveloped and left out. However, since rumours about their beautiful beaches and nature-carved cliffs spread among surfers and hippies, Jimbaran and The Bukit became very popular among tourists looking for a private break, away from the city rush. One of the most famous tourist destinations is the Uluwatu temple, a cliff-edge temple high above the sea.

Amandari pool

Located on Bali's west coast - Jimbaran just 15 minutes drive from Denpasar International Airport. This area offers a small secluded beach area, where tranquility and peace are the perfect antidote to a stressful world. The land gently slopes away from the beach revealing exclusive celebrity haunts hidden under a canopy of leafy tropical forest.

For a water sports enthusiast, The Bukit has more excellent beaches than any other area in Bali, such as New Kuta beach (formerly known as Dreamland Beach), Padang-Padang, Bingin and Suluban or Uluwatu. One other place that cannot be missed is Jimbaran and Kedonganan bay which is only a 15-minute drive from the airport. A former fish market, it has been transformed into a beachside open-air eatery with almost 40 restaurants along the shoreline.

Uluwatu Temple

Uluwatu Temple
Uluwatu is one of nine main temples in Bali, which according to Balinese Hinduism were built to guard the land from southward threats. Its cliff-edge exotic location has made Uluwatu Temple famous and sunset here is truly monumental. Uluwatu Temple is also home to dozens of monkeys - some even consider them sacred. There is also an Amphitheatre where daily we can see amazing Kecak and Fire Dance with the background of sunset.

Uluwatu Temple

Garuda Wisnu Kencana Monument
Prior to its recent incarnation, the Garuda Wisnu Kencana (commonly known as GWK) monument was an abandoned limestone excavation which was no longer used by locals. Today the GWK can be compared to Thailand's Sleeping Buddha or the Giant Buddha in Hong Kong. Aside from the beautifully carved limestone cliff surrounding the monument, GWK also has various facilities, from restaurants to an amphitheatre where occasional performances take place. Please make sure to visit GWK at dusk to catch its dramatic panorama when the sunset cuts through the limestone carved wall.

Uluwatu Temple

Jimbaran Bay Traditional Fish Market
Located just a few hundred metres south of Bali International Airport, this traditional fish market is undoubtedly the biggest saltwater fish market in Bali. You can find almost any saltwater fish from the popular red snapper to the rare mahi-mahi. If you’re staying in a villa and are dying to have your own seafood bash, this excellent spread of fresh fish is something you shouldn’t miss.

Uluwatu Temple

Jimbaran Bay Cafés
This three-kilometer stretch of seafood stalls is probably the longest array of seafood cafés in Bali. Stretching from Kedonganan fish market to Banjar Menega Jimbaran, this bayside cluster of restaurants provides you with a sole menu choice - seafood. Red snapper with crushed lime, fried calamari with tomato sauce, Kangkung Plecing (spicy water spinach) and Sambal Matah (a delicious raw condiment with chili, shallots and lemongrass) are basic dishes at every restaurant. Jimbaran Bay cafés tend to get very busy during holiday season.

Uluwatu Temple

New Kuta (Dreamland Beach)
Dreamland Beach was one of the Bukit’s most secluded areas for years until a property developer decided to open the 400 hectares around the beach to the public, in the form of residences, a golf course, an international school, a hospital, an upper-class resort and a brand new name. New Kuta Beach has lost much of its rugged charm since its commercial development but still has some of the best reef breaks and tends to get very busy during May to October with a series of surf meets. To avoid the crowds, try not to visit Dreamland Beach during Indonesian holidays like the June/July school break, Ramadan, Christmas and New Year.

Bingin Beach
Located just one kilometre from Dreamland along the shore but 10 kilometres by road, Bingin is not recommended for novice surfers due to its reef bed. Like Dreamland, this beach is loaded with surfers from around the world between May and October, but its pristine beach makes Bingin more appealing for non-water activities than Dreamland.

Padang Padang Beach
Another world-class reef-break three kilometres southwest from Bingin, the best waves at Padang Padang happen early in the morning during the dry season. To reach its exotic location, you have to clamber down a pathway between a collapsed rock and a slanted cliff - surely an adventure one must try. Since it’s just a short distance between these beaches, you can visit the three of them in a day.

Suluban Beach
The beach is located a few km north of Uluwatu, close to Bingin surfing beach and Labuan Sait. 'Suluban' derives from Balinese word which means 'walking or passing under something'. The beach was named Suluban, because the visitors have to pass through the coral reef cave before reaching its wide sandy beach. The sea water is crystal clear, and its large waves make it the most well-known surfing beach among the world-wide surfers.

Nelayan Restaurant
This restaurant is renowned for its rare and extensive selection of seafood, from Barracuda fillet to Mahi-mahi curry, but apart from the great seafood selection Nelayan also provides International dishes. Highly recommended dishes from the a la carte list are Tuna Avocado Tartar to start before butterfish steak with curry sauce or baked duck breast with honey as a main. A cup of Balinese coffee is a fine ending to your seafood journey at Nelayan.

Located just a few steps away from Jimbaran’s fishing village, surrounded by a beautiful shady coconut grove, Tapis marks its reputation by serving only the freshest seafood from the finest selection for International cuisine. The lavish Rijstaffel banquet for couples is evidence of the restaurant’s expertise with Indonesian dishes. Its chic dining pavilion and open kitchen lends a casual yet classy atmosphere for those who want to have a fine dining experience with fine ingredients. Bali Dance Festival Restaurant Claimed to be the island's only restaurant that offers daily dance performance, Bali Dance Festival Restaurant is also famous for its traditional Balinese hall design with three different themes: the Gazebo which serves international cuisine, Azumaya which serves Japanese food, and Wantilan, taken from the Balinese language which means stage hall and serves international and steamboat dishes. Entertainers at the Bali Dance Festival Restaurant perform Kecak, Angklung, Jegog, Ramayana Epic, and Legong dances.

Di Mare
The restaurant sits on a foot hill of Ungasan, 10 metres above sea level. With the wide open sky as its background it is located in a dramatic scenario that you will never forget. This fine dining restaurant’s specialty is seafood but there is also much more on offer. Got the urge to try something unusual? Have a barbeque fiesta with acquaintances on the beach itself.

Menega Seafood Café
Menega is one among around 20s the most famous of Jimbaran's beachside seafood cafés. Located on Muaya Beach, 500 hundred metres north of Four Seasons Jimbaran, it is an important part of the beachside café scene in Jimbaran Bay. Different from any other beachside café, Menega is probably the only one that has high quality food, good service, along with prices that meet in the middle. Even though they serve practically the same dishes as their neighbouring cafés, some say that Menega’s have the richest flavour. During weekends and the holiday season it is highly recommended to reserve a table. Bella Singaraja & KO at InterContinental Bali Inspired by a cross-cultural love story between a Balinese maiden and an Italian gentleman from which the name of the restaurant derives, Bella Singaraja is an authentic Italian fine dining establishment. Even though it is open only for dinner, the Bella Singaraja menu features a complete range of Italian dishes.

KO Japanese Restaurant
Award-winning restaurant has been critically claimed as the best Japanese restaurant in Bali by a local lifestyle magazine. Adapting Balinese and Japanese minimalist styles combined with a fresh selection of seafood, its exceptional sushi and sashimi with the gentle scent of Japanese rice wine marks its quality. PJ's Restaurant at For Seasons Jimbaran PJ’s is a casual family restaurant located just inside the Four Seasons Resort, but don't expect a big hall with long tables and benches. PJ's offers much more than just a beachfront restaurant with a view. Seafood based dishes with additional Mediterranean treats and pizza from the specially made wood-fired oven are just a few dishes on their delectable menu. Let your weariness slide away with PJ's special catch of the day and a glass of Cabernet Sauvignon under shady trees at the edge of the splendid beach panorama.

Kisik at Ayana Resort
Set on Ayana Resort's hill slope, Kisik truly deserves to be named as a dream culinary site. Claiming to only serve the best and the freshest local and imported seafood, a Kisik favourite is the great combination of a glass of Chardonnay, a plate of oysters, and astounding views of Jimbaran Bay. Once you trek down the hundred-foot staircase you will see a sand-floored Hawaiian style restaurant with an open bar and a small ship's bridge extended over the sea. Take a seat and enjoy the dream location, it’s totally worth the cardio exercise. Beside Kisik, Ayana Resorts has several high class signature restaurants including: Padi Restaurant (mainly serves Thai Food), Sami Sami (beachside restaurant serves Italian dishes for Breakfast and Dinner), Dava (ocean view restaurant with their modern Asian dining) and Honzen (serves Japanese food).

Where to stay in Jimbaran Area


Uluwatu Temple

contemporary Bali-inspired living design seamlessly integrates with personal journeys of cultural richness, continuing the Alila tradition of a total destination experience that is serene, sensual, and surprisingly different.Re-discover the joy of pure relaxation in unparalleled comfort and space, with a personal butler to take care of your every whim. Indulge all your senses – in the culinary delights of the signature fine-dining and traditional warung-style restaurants, the spectacular clifftop pool and bar, or in the sanctuary of Spa Alila. Surrender yourself to the enchantment of Bali's beauty and serenity in the luxury of flawless perfection.


Bvlgari Bali

The Bvlgari Resort Bali, a secluded all villa cliffside retreat, is located on the southern tip of the Jimbaran Peninsula, close to the Temple of Uluwatu: an exclusive and intimate setting for guests seeking the ultimate in privacy and luxury.

Bvlgari Resort composed of 58 villas: 54 one-bedroom, 300-square- meters luxury units, each with unique exterior features such as a patio with a plunge pool, as well as living and dining rooms. It reflects the traditional Balinese architecture combined with a sophisticated contemporary design, using indigenous stones, native wood finishes and refined craft-made fabrics exclusively created for the Bvlgari Resort.


Banyan Tree Bali

Set high on the cliffs near to the Uluwatu Temple, Banyan Tree Ungasan brings definitive fine cliff top living to the renowned beach island of Bali.
An all-pool villa resort located at the southernmost point of Bali, Banyan Tree Ungasan offers one of the best unparalleled views of the Indian Ocean, complete with a level of comfort and privacy synonymous with the Banyan Tree brand.
Enjoy a soothing pace of life, complete with indigenous cultures seen through Balinese-inspired architecture and exquisitely landscaped gardens, while rejuvenating your senses with authentic treatments at our signature Banyan Tree Spa.


Four Seasons Jimbaran

Four Seasons Resort Bali at Jimbaran Bay. An expansive and elegant private Balinese villa awaits you with separate sleeping, bathing and living pavilions and ocean views from your plunge pool. An Indonesian spa. Dramatic hilltop and ocean-side dining. All immersed in the mystique of this spiritual land.

Exotic, luxurious and inspiring, 147 free-standing thatched-roof villas provide a tropical paradise overlooking Jimbaran Bay. Nine spacious estate homes provide access to the beach and offer the utmost privacy.


Kayu Manis Jimbaran

Kayumanis Private Estate is sinfully spacious, has its own swimming pool, a private study, an open air garden bath, and every conceivable mortal need one would require on the journey to discover the magic. At Kayumanis Jimbaran, guests may choose between the Balinese, Javanese, Oriental, Palembang, Primitive, and Modern – each tastefully furnished as a blend of ethic, modern, and traditional aesthetic influences creating the perfect escapes from the harshness of living in today’s urban jungle.


Gending Kedis Jimbaran

Gending Kedis is a secluded and tranquil resort featuring 19 luxury villas, perched on a ridge of land at Jimbaran Bay, Bali.
Designed to flow with the rising contours, the Jimbaran luxury bali villas at Gending Kedis are configured with one, two, three and four bedrooms, each villa having its own swimming pool, modern kitchen and spacious living areas.
Jimbaran Bay is an area of outstanding natural beauty and Gending Kedis villas have breathtaking views over a steep wooded ravine with luxuriant green vegetation.
Here is indeed your private haven of peace and privacy; the finest facilities combined with attentive, friendly service, will ensure your visit to the 'Island of the Gods' will be memorable: like many before you, Bali will beckon you back.

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